Dear Friends,
in case of interest, please contact us by e-mail or call us (via Contacts).
We gladly help you to make right choose. And so, please send us some info about yourself, your family, where do you live, your aim with this doggie (home pet, dog showing, agility and so on) and your previous experience with dog keeping.
A price of puppy is equal to quality of their parents.
Our puppies are always with Papers of Origin, pedigree of the F. C. I.
Whene the puppy is non-standard, it´s sold in lower price than standard puppy.
Our puppies are about to leave to new home at 10 weeks old, fully socialized, well kept, unwormed, with basic vaccinacion, chip of identification, Papers of Origin, euro pass, basic equipment (food, on which is puppy used; some toy; dog collar) and always have rightfull purchase contract and invoice/bill.

Breeder service is granted for new and also for experienced breeders.

Awards, which we got on dog shows, are for our effords with dog presentation on stage,the  great pedigree and showing of our dogs. It´s called ring culture. And that´s it…we´ll teach you.
Please contact us by mail palava.country.art@seznam.cz or call us +420 603 923 618.

For our doggies and also our sake, we often undertake trips for foreign dog shows in various countries and the cities. If we caught your interest you can join us for Dog Show too. Please contact us by mail or phone call.

Thank you for your interest,

Owners of kennel Pálava Country Art. Gabriela Stéblo and Monika Sobotková.


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