Introduction and About us

Welcome to a web-sites of kennel Pálava Country Art, breed papillon - Toy Continental Spaniel.


A kennel founded 2014 and registred in our Czech kynological unia CMKU (CZ)  We're  family type of kennel, but we aim to become TOP kennel for breed Papillon – Toy continental spaniel.

From 2018 we also do breed of American Staffordshire Terrier. With our AST we have successes on dog show, breeding and hunting field.

Our aim is to have puppies with excellent pedigree (always with Papers of Origin!, no exceptions). Our dogs are free-walking all over our home and their garden is all of Pálava country side, southern Morava area. Our successes you can see on other pages.

As you suggesed from our kennel name, we're from Czech republic (capital Prague), originally from around the city of Brno, de facto from the small city named Hustopeče near Brno. Name of our Kennel is right from district.

Our current address is villiage Dobšice, which is right next to the city of Znojmo. It's really easy to come and see us in person and dog. You can use a drive by car, bus, even train, cause we´re living in area which is really popular for recreation and turistics. The city of Hustopeče near Brno is also known for it´s wine yards and delicious wine.

The name of our kennel was found by my daughter and myself by little mistake. The daughter told to me: Pálava Country Yard; but I misheard her and instead I approved of Pálava Country Art. Yard = Art; you too think it's simillar, don't you? Cute little mistake :-D

Our dogs we are feeding mainly with holistic feed by Yoggies and Calibra Verve and we use BARF style of feeding. We're in all-day contact with theme and all time we learn something new (we're attending trainings about handling for DogShows, dog-dancing classes, agility classes and we do other various games).


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