What to feed a puppy with?

The Question "How to feed puppy" made us to write this article. 

We´ll share our do-better with you... for puppies is the best various food, as well as row and cooked. A puppies have really quick metabolism, it means, that necessary to feed puppy 5-6 times per day. A puppy has to have free access to still drinkable water.  To very little puppy we´re supossed to overcook and than to let it cool down.

With puppies it's like with babies. We're starting on a mushs, we can recommend anti-alergic mash from Nestle Sinlac, to which we add yolk, one tea spoon of cottage cheese and chia seeds. Our puppies are used to eating whole-fated milk, in which we soak fairy cakes, with addition of chia seeds. Texture of this mash should be compact.


We're using holistic dog food Artemis (puppy, small breed), to which we're adding still, cooling, overcooked, drinkable water; with yolk and sometimes even non-salted cow's or goat's cottage cheese.


Right from 5th week of pups age we scratch raw cow's or turkey's meat, and it's alwas big hit :). Believe me or not..., one week after, puppies are able to ear cow's or turkey's meat chopped as small cubes.


Each puppies's dish we improve by addition of strong, non-salted, vegetable-meat broth. A rest of the broth can be left in freezer or in fridge for later using (of coarse after some heating). Its also handfull to pour the broth to ice-making forms and than let it freez :)

We pour dog foodie with heated broth and than add cutt in pieces meat, chicken hearts and stomachs, plus vegetable (cooked) such as brocoli, carrots, celery, parsley.


As we mentioned right on the start, pups have quick metabolism. Sooo If you did some mitake or anything, you detect it in no time, and it's easy to correct your mistake quickly. As leading information it's for best to see excrement of your puppy. If there is a diarhoea, you have to give to puppy dry diet (rice with chicken or turkey meat) until it's better. If there is a phlegm, you shouldn't give you puppy milk products and give him/her dry diet instead, until end of problems. If there is dry excrement, you should soak dog food in broth more and add to puppy whole-fated milk. If it's a lot of excrement, you should take off some food, maybe you're overfeeding your puppy. If little of excrement, this means, that your puppy is missing something – add more of dog food, rice, meat and so on.


In season of pruning of teeths it's only for good to add calcium pills. We're using calcium pills from GIOM. Everytime you have to read dosage. We can recommend these also in season of junior puppy. Also add more of milk products, for example: stir 2 full tea spoons of whole-fated cottage cheese with grated raw carrot or with another seasonal vegetable/fruit, add yolk and some olive oil.


For healthy skin, eyes and beautiful hair is good to add in dog food oils, such as solmon, olive or evening primrose oil. We also gladly recommend you Brewer's yeast with evening primrose oil or with lactobacilus for adjustment of intestine microflora. In case of diarhoea we should avoid any oils in dog food. If fur of your dog is too greasy, also avoid oils. It's good to use schema: 1month with oil, 1 month without oil.


The informations mentioned in this aricle are only of informative and common character, in no case they are suplement for advice of your veterinarian or anothe specialist.


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